Friday, December 5

Holiday Wish List

Holiday Wish List, holiday gifts,
Holiday Wish List
It's always about this time of the year that I start making holiday wish lists- for myself. I'm quite a little match girl at the moment, but I still dream.

Three items off this list (1-2-6) I was inspired to dream of by watching Lily Melrose vlogs or roundups. That Jo Malone is my new Gypsy Water. I'm starting a collection of only brown/orange tinted eyeshadow so of course Uninterrupted fits.

I need an phone case and UNIF hasn't made my perfect case yet- I guess I can wait. That Lime Crime lipstick is all over the internet. It's gorgeous, like 90s witch gorgeous, and I must have it.

Lastly, Benjamin Booker. If you feel so inclined watch this gloriously haunting video of him singing "Have You Seen My Son." He's from NOLA and his voice is raw and perfectly reminiscent of some old bluesy rock n' roll. Be prepared, the album version is different but it's just as good, like full band good. 

What's on everyone's wish list? Those rose gold Chelsea boots from Acne (that are sold out and far of my price range) didn't make the list. I know that last time I posted was September but maybe I'll around to another video today!


Friday, September 26

The Covers V2: Blondie 'Denis' Makeup Tutorial


So I know it's been more than a few months (no need for specifics) since my last Covers post. Finally the goddesses of internet confidence and spare time have given me some space all to my own. Here my friends is a little YouTube video, I like to think of it more as a "makeup trailer." The look is inspired by the cover of the Blondie 7" for Denis. It was released in 1978 (and this is French pressing).  Debbie Harry, the cheekbone queen of the rock world, is a fashion legend and her makeup never fails to dazzle.

Sunday, June 22

Sunday Musings

Hi all!!

I'm waiting for my camera battery to come in the mail from Maine so hopefully a drugstore makeup review soon! But for now here a few items I feel like I must have for summer.

Gypsy Water by Byredo smells divine. I want it for summer. It's a little musk, a little Stevie Nicks.

These The Wild Unknown Tarot cards are gorgeous. I've wanted for them some a while but I just saw them in a little shop in Toronto and now I want them even more.

The Mispers are amazing and I can't wait for their full length album. Check out this song (it's played on repeat in our apartment).

Even though I may have two black fringe kimonos already... I think I need a new one.

Peach lipstick!! A must for summer festivals!

Sunday Musings

Monday, May 26

Summer Style Inspiration

Here are some of my favorite style icons sporting some brilliant summer outfits! Hope you enjoy! Summer is probably my least favorite season (only because if I'm not near an ocean in the summer I'm miserable and Toronto is not near the ocean). I tend to lean towards my 60s and 70s dreams in the summer. I need a pair of bellbottoms...

cher style icons
Cher rocking the best summer dress ever. I need.
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