Thursday, June 30

You've Got the Silver

Today it's overcast yet again. Very frustrating because humidity seems make my hair look like some member of Poison's. Oh well. A simple outfit today with some-more favorite pieces. Went to an open mic last night and saw some friends play. At the end of the night my best friend stole the attention of the room and sang an aria. So lovely, she's an amazing soprano!
Took me way to long to get this posted! At least it's the weekend now!
P.S. I've been having a lot of trouble trying to upload good quality images, detailed enough so you can the outfits really well. Anyone have any tips for blogging images?

Wednesday, June 29

Bring Out Your Bones

Beat the Devil's Tattoo - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is the music inspiration for this post! Take a listen!

This is an outfit that I would probably wear everyday, if it wasn't mostly black, the summer seems to be too hot for it!

The misfits shirt I made & has been worn at least 100x. Most people refer to it as my "going-out shirt." I love love it. Black Milk Leg Bones, need I say more!? Black Milk LOVE.

Makeup oddly inspired by that Bob Dylan album "Hard Rain" shown here. Good black eyeliner.

leather jacket - asos
shirt - DIY misfits
shoes - Steve Madden via Tjmaxx

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Tuesday, June 28

Concept Album

I’ve decided that in order to keep my blog posting steady and fresh I’m going to need to do something structured like...themed blog post days! This comes from inspiration of tumblr's GPYW (gratuitous picture of yourself wednesday) and LLYMLRS’ blogging style from her early posts!

Since I’ve already posted some things I thought about doing regularly, I’ll make them each the day I posted them. There are three so far.

She’s my little rock n’ roll - Monday: music inspiration posts! Bands & singers that inspire my outfits and everyday style. And if I have the vinyl, some pictures of that!

Report Card - Tuesday: reviews of makeup, hair products, anything really I’ve been using and like or really dislike! I’ll let you know!

Line & Lash - Sunday: testing fun makeup looks! I’ll try out some different looks that I like and post the progress & result!

Happy Tuesday lovelies!

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Not Your Mother's Beach Babe?

So Yesterday in hopes of finding one of my favorite summer hair products, John Frieda Beach Blonde Ocean Waves, to be discontinued & selling for 79.99 on the internet! Horrible, it was amazing and even smelled like mint.

I picked up Not Your Mother's Beach Babe for 5.00 dollars, hoping it would do the same trick. I like any product that makes my hair seem slightly dirty but NOT greasy.

Now this products is interesting! It's exactly how your hair feels after swimming in the ocean for a few hours. It makes it feel quite salty sticky, a crunchy after swimming feeling but I actually like it! It doesn't make my hair greasy at all and creates lovely little waves, since my hair is super curly when I blow dry it putting any product in it makes it pretty wavy.

(image NotYourMother's Hair Products)

It does make your hands all strange & salt covered but I think it does the trick for the beach waves feeling!

Catnip & Neon

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Monday, June 27

Lick My Boots

One day whilst perusing Pete Doherty’s website and seeing some creepy pictures of him kissing this french artist, I found these two bands. Not sure how the interweb managed to lead me there but it had something to do with the lady artists cameo in on of the band’s videos.

Second Sex - The first band I swooned over, reminds me a slightly popier Libertines, mixed with some good 70s punk undertones. They sing in French which makes them even more likeable than a regular Libertines-esque band. They have some awesome riffs & are quite loud & fast!

BB Brunes - A very strange almost boy-bandy punk rock band. But still- I adore. They have some more punk-vibed songs along with their cool & catchy melodic ones.

Both bands make me want to dance and meet French boys. I find nothing better that those two feelings combined.

Hope you love them as much as I do!

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Saturday, June 25

Goodwill Hunting

Yestearday evening I did a last minute trip to the Goodwill. I got there about 30mins before they were to close, so my trip although very very sucessful was super speedy. I first went to the "vintage section", which is mostly made up of lots of polyester and 70s prom dresses. Unfortunately other than some amazing 70s wedding dresses I found nothing. My favorite section to look in is the men's T-shirts area. Because let me tell you people in Maine love their crazy wilderness themed T-shirts. I came out with four amazing T-shirts to make in to tank-tops. So thank you to whoever brought all those band T-shirts in. I also was lucky enough to come across a cowhide-ish round purse from Texas. Super classy & cowy. Love it. Here are some photos!

I don't have time to post an outfit today because I have to go to an "Artsapalooza". I'm still not quite sure what this means, but my dear friend is singing at it (she is an opera singer!).

Enjoy your Saturdays lovelies!

1. Great find! I have a stencil version of this from a pervious Goowill visit, but its just from Urban Outfitters or something, so it's definitely not as fab.

2. Joke T-shirrt, which has grown on me... My little and & I, along with my best friend, have a long running joke about Tristan & Isolde. It's a long history between us. But I can totally rock this.

3. FAVE! I can't believe I found this. I almost died. The person who owned it before also already trimmed it and hemmed to fit a girl. Perfect, perfect. Neat! Neat! Neat!

4. What more can I say?

5&6: Shirts from a while ago I found some thirfty place. Though I'd share because one says "Wild Earth" and the other RIBS!

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Friday, June 24

Sheer Bliss

This is from a little earlier this summer but I thought I would post it because this was one of first major DIY projects. I was inspired after drooling over an over-priced black Free People sheer maxi and a red one from the Black Pyramid shop (a shop I'm obsessed with, check it out!). I decided to take matters into my own hands and start a DIY project. I found this splendid tutorial on A Pair & A Spare, which explained everything perfectly and made the project much more easy. Thanks Geneva!

First I bought some cheap sheer fabric in black , red, and that cream stretch lace and some wide elastic- because I wanted a more defined all most high-waisted look. It took me a while to figure out how to thread my mother's vintage Singer sewing machine, which is the only sewing machine in our house. It is beautiful, but it is damn hard to thread!

About 4 hours later... after lots of hemming, stabbing myself with pins and chasing my cat Luna off the semi-finished projects I completed these three skirts. The black is my favorite!

Happy Friday!

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Thursday, June 23

Backwards beginnings & California blues


So it’s summer...well sort of. Here in Maine there have been thunderstorms for quite a few weeks now. The not so horrible result of the all this cabin fever is my online shopping habit blossoming into something of an art. After weeks of searching the weirdest- and possibly witchiest sites, I have ended up filling my closet (which is really just an old blue steamer trunk and a bureau) with bell bottoms, leg-bone tights, wooden wedges, and other various sheer and out of date outfits

Splurging on things that I could probably never wear anywhere in my quaint hometown seems a little brash, but what’s a girl to do? Start a blog? That’s what I thought. Hopefully this will spring into something more that just me blabbering on about my weird fashion icons (Iggy Pop or Patti Smith?) and odd ways of thinking and become a place for conservations, ideas, and fun.

A little about me perhaps. I’m Moira (most likely born in the wrong century) living currently in a small green town in Maine. I from here, but have been wandering around for sometime, much estranged from this lobstering state. After graduating from university in Halifax, Nova Scotia (2009) I found my way somehow to the sunny and stark mountains of California.

I worked as an intern and employee for the National Park Service, in a stuffy archive-basement-bomb-shelter -box, for a year. I had mules in my front yard, black widows in my doorway, and a many encounters with bears, both animal and man.

I sorted though millions of pictures of flowers, fauns and rivers. My nights often consisted of reading overly eccentric teen novels. And that honestly sums up a whole year. I shuttled myself and friends back from L.A. to San Francisco to Fresno, but never felt at home. I decided that although I loved the mountains, L.A. was the place that had struck me as amazing. The culture, the sun, the clothes, the bars... Everything. And maybe just the idea that Guns N’ Roses walked the same streets drunk in the 80s.

I made my way back to the east coast, to sort out life and move out of reclusion. Thus entering a long time period of unemployment and wallowing over not being Canadian.

Now in Maine, heading to graduate school at the University of Toronto for library science in the fall (finally), this blog will become my summer.

I hope to discuss things that inspire me, whether it’s my cats green eyes or Johnny Thunders amazing hair. Either way, this is only the beginning.

Enjoy & Welcome!

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