Saturday, June 25

Goodwill Hunting

Yestearday evening I did a last minute trip to the Goodwill. I got there about 30mins before they were to close, so my trip although very very sucessful was super speedy. I first went to the "vintage section", which is mostly made up of lots of polyester and 70s prom dresses. Unfortunately other than some amazing 70s wedding dresses I found nothing. My favorite section to look in is the men's T-shirts area. Because let me tell you people in Maine love their crazy wilderness themed T-shirts. I came out with four amazing T-shirts to make in to tank-tops. So thank you to whoever brought all those band T-shirts in. I also was lucky enough to come across a cowhide-ish round purse from Texas. Super classy & cowy. Love it. Here are some photos!

I don't have time to post an outfit today because I have to go to an "Artsapalooza". I'm still not quite sure what this means, but my dear friend is singing at it (she is an opera singer!).

Enjoy your Saturdays lovelies!

1. Great find! I have a stencil version of this from a pervious Goowill visit, but its just from Urban Outfitters or something, so it's definitely not as fab.

2. Joke T-shirrt, which has grown on me... My little and & I, along with my best friend, have a long running joke about Tristan & Isolde. It's a long history between us. But I can totally rock this.

3. FAVE! I can't believe I found this. I almost died. The person who owned it before also already trimmed it and hemmed to fit a girl. Perfect, perfect. Neat! Neat! Neat!

4. What more can I say?

5&6: Shirts from a while ago I found some thirfty place. Though I'd share because one says "Wild Earth" and the other RIBS!

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