Friday, June 24

Sheer Bliss

This is from a little earlier this summer but I thought I would post it because this was one of first major DIY projects. I was inspired after drooling over an over-priced black Free People sheer maxi and a red one from the Black Pyramid shop (a shop I'm obsessed with, check it out!). I decided to take matters into my own hands and start a DIY project. I found this splendid tutorial on A Pair & A Spare, which explained everything perfectly and made the project much more easy. Thanks Geneva!

First I bought some cheap sheer fabric in black , red, and that cream stretch lace and some wide elastic- because I wanted a more defined all most high-waisted look. It took me a while to figure out how to thread my mother's vintage Singer sewing machine, which is the only sewing machine in our house. It is beautiful, but it is damn hard to thread!

About 4 hours later... after lots of hemming, stabbing myself with pins and chasing my cat Luna off the semi-finished projects I completed these three skirts. The black is my favorite!

Happy Friday!