Monday, June 27

Lick My Boots

One day whilst perusing Pete Doherty’s website and seeing some creepy pictures of him kissing this french artist, I found these two bands. Not sure how the interweb managed to lead me there but it had something to do with the lady artists cameo in on of the band’s videos.

Second Sex - The first band I swooned over, reminds me a slightly popier Libertines, mixed with some good 70s punk undertones. They sing in French which makes them even more likeable than a regular Libertines-esque band. They have some awesome riffs & are quite loud & fast!

BB Brunes - A very strange almost boy-bandy punk rock band. But still- I adore. They have some more punk-vibed songs along with their cool & catchy melodic ones.

Both bands make me want to dance and meet French boys. I find nothing better that those two feelings combined.

Hope you love them as much as I do!

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