Tuesday, June 28

Not Your Mother's Beach Babe?

So Yesterday in hopes of finding one of my favorite summer hair products, John Frieda Beach Blonde Ocean Waves, to be discontinued & selling for 79.99 on the internet! Horrible, it was amazing and even smelled like mint.

I picked up Not Your Mother's Beach Babe for 5.00 dollars, hoping it would do the same trick. I like any product that makes my hair seem slightly dirty but NOT greasy.

Now this products is interesting! It's exactly how your hair feels after swimming in the ocean for a few hours. It makes it feel quite salty sticky, a crunchy after swimming feeling but I actually like it! It doesn't make my hair greasy at all and creates lovely little waves, since my hair is super curly when I blow dry it putting any product in it makes it pretty wavy.

(image NotYourMother's Hair Products)

It does make your hands all strange & salt covered but I think it does the trick for the beach waves feeling!

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