Thursday, June 23

Backwards beginnings & California blues


So it’s summer...well sort of. Here in Maine there have been thunderstorms for quite a few weeks now. The not so horrible result of the all this cabin fever is my online shopping habit blossoming into something of an art. After weeks of searching the weirdest- and possibly witchiest sites, I have ended up filling my closet (which is really just an old blue steamer trunk and a bureau) with bell bottoms, leg-bone tights, wooden wedges, and other various sheer and out of date outfits

Splurging on things that I could probably never wear anywhere in my quaint hometown seems a little brash, but what’s a girl to do? Start a blog? That’s what I thought. Hopefully this will spring into something more that just me blabbering on about my weird fashion icons (Iggy Pop or Patti Smith?) and odd ways of thinking and become a place for conservations, ideas, and fun.

A little about me perhaps. I’m Moira (most likely born in the wrong century) living currently in a small green town in Maine. I from here, but have been wandering around for sometime, much estranged from this lobstering state. After graduating from university in Halifax, Nova Scotia (2009) I found my way somehow to the sunny and stark mountains of California.

I worked as an intern and employee for the National Park Service, in a stuffy archive-basement-bomb-shelter -box, for a year. I had mules in my front yard, black widows in my doorway, and a many encounters with bears, both animal and man.

I sorted though millions of pictures of flowers, fauns and rivers. My nights often consisted of reading overly eccentric teen novels. And that honestly sums up a whole year. I shuttled myself and friends back from L.A. to San Francisco to Fresno, but never felt at home. I decided that although I loved the mountains, L.A. was the place that had struck me as amazing. The culture, the sun, the clothes, the bars... Everything. And maybe just the idea that Guns N’ Roses walked the same streets drunk in the 80s.

I made my way back to the east coast, to sort out life and move out of reclusion. Thus entering a long time period of unemployment and wallowing over not being Canadian.

Now in Maine, heading to graduate school at the University of Toronto for library science in the fall (finally), this blog will become my summer.

I hope to discuss things that inspire me, whether it’s my cats green eyes or Johnny Thunders amazing hair. Either way, this is only the beginning.

Enjoy & Welcome!

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