Thursday, June 30

You've Got the Silver

Today it's overcast yet again. Very frustrating because humidity seems make my hair look like some member of Poison's. Oh well. A simple outfit today with some-more favorite pieces. Went to an open mic last night and saw some friends play. At the end of the night my best friend stole the attention of the room and sang an aria. So lovely, she's an amazing soprano!
Took me way to long to get this posted! At least it's the weekend now!
P.S. I've been having a lot of trouble trying to upload good quality images, detailed enough so you can the outfits really well. Anyone have any tips for blogging images?

cardigan - asos
wedges - jessica simpson via tjmaxx (bought entirely because of that sweet wood wedge!)
pants - old navy
keith richard's shirt - a gift from a dear friend, i think from ebay
fox tail - Paxton Gate in San Francisco
bag - Salvation Army find for 2.00
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