Sunday, July 24

Shades of Amaranth


I’m back I swear!

The delayed posting has been nagging at my brain for the past two weeks. I’ve fallen into quite a slump of unfashionablness and lazytimes. So here I am, back and ready to continue this project!

I decided in order to make it interesting, a new outfit wasn’t really going to cut it.

Enter Party Time Pink.

A dip dye project seemed perfect for this cooled-down Sunday morning.

My hair has been ombre since about January but this time when I re-dyed it I made it a little too blonde, like bleachy bleachy white. So I figured, since I want to get my hair cut soon anyway and I don’t have job at the moment preventing me of being pink... I might as well do it!

Here is a little play-by-play. I hope I like the outcome. I’m still waiting for it to drrrry.

1. Party Time Pink

There is a little teal in there too...