Thursday, July 7

The Tools of "Getting-Ready"

I thought of this post idea one, because I failed to do a "Report Card" review on Tuesday and because my dear friend Miss Parlee asked me for some makeup advice. I thought of no better way to show her than to do a blog post of all the favorite things I use. I never could go without mascara ever. It's my absolute favorite item of makeup. Other than that these are things I use and think are the best for a fun night of makeup-doing!


  1. Smashbox Hyperlash Mascara: I actually use two mascaras. One is this sample Hyperlash by Smashbox. I use it on top of no. 22 Sephora Lash Plumper, because it has a very thin wand and separates lashes well! Love it so much I will probably buy a new full-size one when I run out!
  2. Smashbox Brow Tech To Go: I never really used anything on my eyebrows...ever. I just shaped them once in a while but I used a friends eyebrow pencil one day and liked the option of defining and reshaping my brows with a pencil. This stuff is awesome, it has a angle brown pencil and a clear brow gel. They work amazingly for dramatic eyebrow looks or just to fill in gaps.
  3. Dior Style Liner: I wanted a super precise liquid liner, because black eyeliner is my classic go-to look. I tried this out and have found it perfect. The liner brush is super thin and easy to use, but you have to have a steady hand or it lines wobbly!
  4. Sephora Cream Liner: I use this as an extra smudge liner on top of my liquid liner. It adds a more smokey, less shiny line, to the overall look. It’s nice but it’s waterproof so if you mess up it is crazy annoying to fix.
  5. Urban Decay All Nighter: I bought this just for fun, but let me tell you. It works. My best friend and I used it to set our makeup one night... Well let’s just say we ended up getting home the next morning. But our makeup was perfectly in tact, no smudging or anything! Great for nights out on the town.
  6. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer: I just this often if I don’t really want to do my makeup. I put a little on so that my concealer goes on smooth and that’s it! Love it though, it has a soft matte look to it. I never used primer much before but now I use it all the time, it make your makeup go on almost magically!
  7. Pür Minerals Colour Corrective Primer (peach): Best primer I’ve used so far. It blends into my skin so well. Creates a nice blank slate for my makeup applying. It fills in the tiny pores of your skin that might be discolored for an overall brightening look. It is almost like a tinted moisturizer!
  8. Clinique Tinted Moisturizer: I use this in the winter if I feel like I want my makeup to be especially flawless. It’s way better than any foundation because its not cakey or powdery but does the trick to coverup most every flaw on my face. I use it before I do my concealer.
  9. DDF Ultra-Lite Moisturizer: A splendid little sample I got from Sephora. It’s a great light moisturizer, and doesn’t leave any residue or oilyness on my face!
  10. Aveda Air Control: Dry hairspray. Favorite scent. Favorite favorite favorite. Sometimes I think I can’t be happy without Air Control. The smell is is glorious and you can layer it on without your hair getting sticky or crunchy like all other hairsprays do. It’s just the best.
  11. Egyptian Goddess: My got to purse perfume. I keep in my purse all the time. It’s a great light fragrance oil, so it not stuffy and doesn’t make you sneeze. Smells floral almost, old timey, and ghostly.
  12. Chloe: My real perfume. I used a friend’s once and haven’t liked a scent more since.
  13. MAC Viva Glam Matte: Lipstick always. A deep red vampy color from MAC (AA9). Totally matte. Totally perfect for my skin tone. If you ask the ladies at MAC they will help you find your perfect shade. I would wear it everyday if I could.
  14. YSL Rouge Pur Couture: Le Orange & Noir Laque. Oh holy gold. Amazing pigmented lipsticks. I have L’Orange and a deep deep purple one. They are soft and smooth and fab. Quite pricey for lipstick but totally worth it.
  15. i.d Bare Essentuals Mineral Veil: Stole is from my little sister. Use it most of the time just because I think it blends your makeup well for a final touch.
  16. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage: Most fabulous concealer ever. I’ve had it for about a year now and I haven’t run out. You can mix you color each day if you need to. Not oily at all.
  17. Pür 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Foundation: I don’t usually wear powder but this is just amazing. It blends so perfectly into my skin I barely notice it’s there.
  18. Mary Kay: A dark dark hand-me-down bronzer. Works great for summer color. Very hard to control.
  19. Tarte Amazonian Clay: The perfect coral shade of blush. 'Nuff said.
  20. L'Oreal Tex Playball: De-frizzer, shape shifter.
  21. Benefit Hoola: Awesome bronzer for summer or winter. It’s very light and not orange so it give me a very sun-tanned look but without the dark harshness of a normal bronzer.
  22. Sephora Lash Plumper: I’ve just been using this since I can’t afford Dior show at the moment. Love it, but I do use another mascara with
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