Thursday, September 19

Cult of Personality: New to Niche

Autumn is my second favorite season— my loyalty is with winter 100% ( I love furs and fires and snow). But autumn is when I can finally wear scarves again (without dying of discomfort).

I’ve also decided that autumn is a great time to find a new perfume.

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I’ve never given too much thought to searching for a signature perfume. I normally wear what I’m used to. I’ve worn Stella by Stella McCartney and Chloé by Chloé for as long as I can remember. Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle has been one of my staples as well. I also wear Egyptian Goddess by Auric Blends, which is an exquisite perfume oil. Mind you- these are what I have been wearing for like five years.

It’s prime time for some new scents.

After doing some random Internet research, I decided I to try some not-so-mainstream fragrances. To my surprise I found that there is an entire world of niche fragrances and it’s delightful.

Here are a few websites I used to come to my decision of what samples to purchase from Lucky Scent (a website dealing in niche and exclusive fragrances with a store called Scent Bar in LA).

BOIS DE JASMIN: She has a bunch of really helpful reviews
GET BERGAMONT: A selection of boutique fragrances each month (founder of MCMC)

I didn't get samples from these 4 houses but I will soon just because the aesthetic and ideas are too brilliant to pass on: