Tuesday, September 10

Play Pretend

I’ve been telling myself I would start blogging again (that was in January). I’m starting again and it’s proving a little difficult, especially with a broken z key and a Band-Aid/cut on the top of my pointer finger. But I solider on! I thought I would ease myself back in with a review. I’ve been trying a few different things lately but there are three Sephora products I've been loving.

I’m a huge fan of Lily Melrose. Her style is super fresh and still grungy, which I adore.  After watching her “Evening Get Ready with Me & OOTD” video- I fell in love with the Laura Mercier eye shadow: Fire Glow. Alas, my Sephora store is nestled inside a JCPenny and it doesn’t really have many of the bigger brands.
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I scoured the store and came up with Indian Summer and Cherry On Top, which are Sephora colors. Even though they aren’t quite the coppery-chic color of Fire Glow, they worked for my look inspired by Lily. Indian Summer is pretty orange with a copper gold undertone. Cherry On Top is red. A serious red. But I use it as a base for Indian Summer and it makes for a perfectly bold nonconformist shimmery eye.

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My third find was an illuminator. I love illuminating powders. They give that little bit of dimension to your makeup AND create a nice dewy-look to the skin. I’ve always wanted NARS Albatross— I love its light gold sheen. I didn’t really want to spend the extra money this time- so I opted for a Sephora illuminator (which was only $12) in Stardust. This illuminating blush, as they call it, is a clone of Albatross.

indian summer, cherry on top, eye shadow, orange, copper

What I'm listening to?

The Pixiekills. Loving this band. I don't know if they are around anymore- but I do say!