Friday, October 25

Front Runners

Alas! I’m not cruising back into the blogging world as smoothly as I’d hoped. But I’m trying and hopefully now with a new camera I can actually do some interesting posts.

So I’ve been using a lot of products the past two months— what with the new job and all— but here are a few things I use pretty much everyday I wear makeup.

I’ve been contouring differently these days. I've been trying out the so-called “Kim Kardashian Contour and Highlight Method.” Honestly, it’s just a more precise and effective way to contour. I use a dark shade of foundation and a yellow toned concealer. Ruby Golani has an amazing tutorial on her Youtube channel -> HERE

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Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer (Neutralizer) & Cover Girl Clean Whipped Creme (365) / Nyx Ultra Pearl Mania (Orange)

The concealer I use for highlighting is Maybelline Age Rewind Treatment Concealer in Neutralizer. It’s a few shades lighter than my natural skin tone and has a nice yellow base to it. I love the sponge applicator and the consistency of the product (it’s super creamy).  For contouring I use Cover Girl’s Clean Whipped Creme Foundation in 365 Tawny. I think it’s the darkest color they had at Ulta. I love it because it’s a cool brown without any red pigment in it (perfect for my olive-yellow skin). It’s a soufflĂ©-like consistency and blends well with my foundation in the end. I use a similar colored matte bronzer at the end.  

I’m always looking for that perfect copper-orange eye shadow. I still have yet to find my absolute to-die-for color. I picked up this Nyx Ultra Pearl Mania in Orange. I find it’s really pigmented and lasts all day without falling or become dull. It’s really just copper with a noticeable orange tint. Might be my favorite shade so far. It’s also about $2.00— can’t beat that!

eye shadow, palette, sephora, kat von d,
Kat Von D Spellbinding Shadow Palette 
Ah, my Kat Von D palettes, how I adore you. I love Kat Von D eye shadows. Amazing colors. Some colors I never thought I wanted to wear. Her Ladybird palette is my go-to everyday palette (let’s just say its like my version of the Urban Decay Naked palette). But I just got this Spellbinding Shadow Book and I love it. The colors range from lavender to chartreuse. I like that they are build-able and pigmented but can be brushed lightly on the lid for a hint of color.  The ones I want to try soon? WTF—a pearl-red. Babe— lavender (‘nuff said).  

Listening to this band, Houndmouth, so-so much lately. They remind me of the Felice Brothers but with an awesome lady singer (and sometime better melodies)