Tuesday, March 11

Best of Friends: Diptyque, Ole, Nars

A lot of things have happened during the past four months since I haven't been blogging.

This whirlwind time has also included: plenty of concerts, lots of wine, meetings in the airport, ikea assembly & the introduction of coconut oil in my coffee. I'll do a little update soon with apartment photos and such.

Meet my best friends of now.

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Diptyque Philosykos, Ole Henriksen Pure Truth, NARS eyeshadow in Persia

I've been using these three items religiously, just as religiously as I have been listening to early (oldschoolbestschool) Kings of Leon.

The first a perfume from Diptyque. Philosykos. I ordered it when I got a bunch of niche perfume samples from Lucky Scent but it is by far my favorite. I want to bathe in it. The description on the website says its an ode to the entire fig tree. The green scent is subtle and clean but there is a woodsy aura and thick musk deep down. I die. Pretty sure my next adventure downtown is going to involve trying all Diptyque's perfumes. I still haven't found my signature scent (unless you count Ralph by Ralph Lauren which I thought was my signature scent in the 8th grade) and I still have to try MCMC's perfumes & I want experience Gypsy Water by Byredo. I also have L'Eau du Trente-Quatre by Diptyque which I haven't been brave enough to wear anywhere yet.

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I have been using Ole Henriksen Pure Truth™ Vitamin C Youth Activating Oil since I discovered my skin loves oil. I've never been one for a nightly beauty routine. I used to never take off my makeup. Now my skin is revolting and I've been treating it a lot better. I find Pure Truth to be just the amount of moisture I need and makes my face look fresh and new in the mornings. I find it helps prevent me from breaking out as well, although I'm not exactly sure why! It smells like a combination of weed & orange juice (not ideal) but I'll take what I can get!

Oh my sweet sweet burnt orange. I recently discovered my favorite color is orange. I wear neon orange nail polish. I love orange lipstick. I never really gave orange credit. But now (since I have dip dyed my hair a peachy-orange) I'm accepting it.  Enter my absolute favorite eyeshadow (actually Kat Von D's Cleopatra from the Ladybird Palette is my other "absolute favorite" orange). Persia by NARS. Persia is matte and super pigmented making it ideal for smoky looks and for show stopping all on its own. I love it with a navy or a warm chocolate brown in the crease.

EDIT: My darling friend Katie (over @ Wanderer's Palace) has just reminded me that I was wearing orange pants when we met. My first day of college in 2004 I was wearing orange velour BCBG pants. I'm glad she remembers this hideous moment in my fashion history. I will never live down those orange pants.

Well that's it for now. I have some Roswell watching to do for bed.  xo

Here is some amazing British rock n' roll to devour: