Thursday, March 20

White Like the Night: Dinner Party Darling Dress

I'm a true believer in the power of the leather jacket. A leather jacket paired with a party dress or skinny jeans can help you show your inner-Patti Smith at any event. I’m the kind of girl that would wear her leather jacket to the Oscars.

I’m honored to be taking part in Mod Cloth's Uniquely You Campaign. The focus piece for our challenge is the gorgeous and classy Dinner Party Darling Dress. I decided to create my look based on what I would wear to a fancy dinner party or a magazine/book launch party.

I’m keeping it classy with a black and white theme, so I picked the white Infuse Some Edge Jacket as my statement piece. Some funky gold and black Lacey Fashion Tattoos replace any bracelets or rings. The Sweet Structure Clutch and Quote Couture Earrings add some bursts of gold detail to the monochrome ensemble. I like to keep my shoes simple, so I opted for a classic black Every Day of the Chic Wedge (wedges are a good option to help with standing all night). Every rock n’ roller should have a quality flask. A flask is key for events without an open bar or the perfect size for your purse at a party. I think it adds to the spirit of the outfit! Last of all— Lime Crime’s Retrofuturist.  I sear by red lipstick and a pop of color with this classy outfit is a nod to my wild-spirit.

I also think that a maxi dress could be killer with this look. Mod Cloth has a to-die-for selection of maxi dresses. The Obsidian Allure Dress and I Love Glamp Dress could make perfect substitute for a shorter dress. Do you think Brody Dalle or Blondie would be proud of my fancy rock n’ roll look? I do!